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miles to go before i sleep

riley. 23 year old in the LA area. Beginner lifter, IIFYMer, skier, wannabe adventurer. On a journey to happiness.

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Today’s breakfast: whole wheat banana pancakes with blueberries, raspberries, and peanut butter.

My hair looks nice so let me take a selfie
Anonymous: How do you split your macros? And for what calories do you aim?

I used the IIFYM site to figure out my macros so I don’t split based on percentages. Check out their calculator! I’m doing 1g per lb bodyweight protein, and 0.4g per lb bodyweight fat and my carbs vary based on the day! My calories avg around 1600-1700 when I’m actively cutting.


felt good about my baby traps coming through. delts, where are you?

Going to a 90’s party, wearing my upstairs neighbours clothes. My curious  George boxers and a shirt that says “fresh 2 death”

YESSS to everything about this 👌

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Rest days= Laying around thinking about training